UV Sterilizer

The UV Sterilizer uses ultraviolet rays to sterilize bacteria and viruses on electrodes, scissors, glass, brushes, and other accessories. The drop-down door makes it easy to remove sterilized accessories.




Single Purpose Steamer

Dual Purpose Steamer

Opens your pores to help improve the absorption of your skincare/facial products.
Adjustable Height





Energy Beauty Bar 24K Gold Pulse Firming Massager Facial Roller Massager Derma Skincare Wrinkle Treatment


Vibration Massage therapy is an extremely hit beauty technology & has been a sensation in skin care tools.

T-Shaped head adds mild vibration to push and patting face skin and therapeutic point, relaxing facial muscles.Excellent in skin blood circulation.Facelift, skin tightening, skin revitalization
Removes eye pouch, Reduce wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead & neck.
6000 rotations per minute with vibration.

Blackhead Vacuum Remover

Functions: Removes blackheads, waste, mites, acne and oil. Tighten the skin, removes dead skin and fine lines.
USB convenient charging interface.
49 mm x 185 mm. 
3 Gears.